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What’s The Best That Could Happen?

Starting something new, trying a new activity or reaching for a goal can be somewhat intimidating if not down right scary! You know we have all been there - you really want to do the ’ thing’ or make the change but then for some reason we very quickly start to focus on all the reasons why it might not be such a good idea. Suddenly we have convinced ourselves , without even having a single conversation with anyone else, that perhaps we should have a word with ourselves .. stick to the status quo ... it’s like Dream it, Dissolve It .. repeat the cycle..

Let’s See it Work In Practise..

I would love to travel to Italy on my own and really enjoy the culture - like in the film Eat Love Pray.. hmmm but I would be on my own .. I am not great with directions ... I don’t remember much Italian from school .. I do love the food though .. hmm but I think I might get lost ... people will ask me ’ who are you going with?’ and I will have to say ’ well on my own’ and they might think that’s odd… and of course it could be dangerous , muggings , accidents .. kidnappings .. never return !!!! .. perhaps I will watch the film and cook some pasta instead..

So suddenly in the blink of an eye I have turned my glorious adventure into a danger filled fear that should be avoided at costs..

How Did That Happen???

Well like I said it’s kind of scary thinking about tackling something new or making a fresh start. It is natural and on occasions sensible to consider the consequences. In this case though you have started a war between reality and your imagination and imagination has a great right hook - it will always win. It’s like that horror movie you watch. You know it’s not real.. but still you wait to be scared and build it up in your head. ..and that’s not the worst bit - the worst bit is afterwards when the film has finished and it’s still in your head waiting to pop up and remind you of just how scary it was.

Now you also know the film can’t hurt you and it’s stupid to think this and in the same way you know a trip to Italy is not on the list of most dangerous activities to undertake.. so wait let’s find data to back up our fears.. now we are not stupid .. we are telling you facts!! and so on and so on..

Make It STOP!

How about a simple trick to turn it around - it will take some mental effort on your part but how much do you want to make that change? - so let’s make a conscious effort to re-write that vision. Don’t think what’s the worst that could happen.. think what’s the best??

Create a Vision of Greatness.

  • What will it look like if I do this?
  • How will I feel when it’s done?
  1. Build out your vision so that you can smell that food, taste that pasta, feel the warm sun, hear the Italian all around you.
  2. See yourself sweeping through the airport like a travelling goddess, waving down the cab to arrive at your destination..
  3. See yourself venturing out enjoying that first espresso ( lattes only in the morning please).
  4. Make this vision tangible, make it big, create a vision board in your head and make it physical as well if you love to create. Or perhaps associate it with music and choose something to bring that vision alive, play it loud and often.
  5. Now you have your imagination on side, now it’s running riot on your behalf with this fabulous glorious adventure of success!
  6. When the doubts start to creep in visualize them literally being knocked out of the picture.

Your on your way!! - as Dr Seuss would say - ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ .. or as I would say - Dream More , See Moore .. Bemoore ... smile