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Mindfulness - Procrastination versus Creation!

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. During the gap I have needed to take time out which gave me space to reflect. Whilst also reflecting I picked up my studies and completed a MOOC on Mindfulness which got my ’ study bug’ well and truly woken up! Here are some thoughts on the overall subject and how I used them to help me get over a crisis of confidence.

Mindfulness - Procrastination versus Creation!

Mindfulness is all the rage at the moment- being in the moment and truly focusing, but it’s also about reflecting on what’s happening around you. When I first started studying it I thought it was all about being really productive and getting stuff done, which it can be. I learned though, through needing to slow down myself, that a key element can also be about stopping, taking stock and being aware of when you are in the right zone to drive forward that productive mode and create your master pieces.

It takes 0.6 seconds for your brain to refocus every time you change topics. Remember that feeling when your brain seems ’ full’ - you have ideas but they are not quite fully formed, you have your dream and your end goal but you are in procrastination city and the train is stuck on the rails!? At this time you could find yourself changing topics, diverting attention and generally ’ faffing’ or simply find yourself staring into space- losing precious seconds and accomplishing nothing much. Mindfulness productivity is all well and good, however at this stage frustration can kick in when you force the events.

Take a Step Back.

At times like this Mindfulness might be better used to reflect on what is happening and why. Removing yourself from the task to explore what’s going on in your head can be one of the most productive things you do. In my case I wanted to write another blog, I enjoy writing the blogs and I enjoy building up my brand and my business. My mind is always full of topics .. so why was I not simply cracking on with it?

Here’s some questions I asked myself which proved helpful- hence why I am sharing:

What did I originally want to achieve?
This allowed me to reflect on where I had wanted to go and remember the drive I felt for starting up the business and the social media side.

Have I strayed from this vision?
Was I working on items because I thought it was what people wanted or was I keeping to my own goal?

These last two questions really helped me to see where I was spending my time and ( this is important) be honest with myself on whether the tasks where simply not hitting the mark for me.

What was stopping me from taking action on what I wanted to do ?
I needed to address my own concerns and also fears in terms of failure - as I have mentioned before failure is a huge road block before you even get started.

What’s Stopping You?!

Suddenly I was able to see what was driving the procrastination. It stemmed from the fact I was focusing on advertising for clients rather than creating articles and letting nature take it’s course! yes I was re-tweeting and putting out quotes but I wasn’t creating. My fear was two fold - I wouldn’t drive the business forward fast enough and people wouldn’t like what I wrote. You might think I would be past that last point, but these things can strike at any time. I have recently had some health issues which meant I was not feeling ,myself - my confidence had taken a knock and this had quite naturally affected my outlook.

No wonder I wasn’t really getting much done! Having addressed this and remembered many of the hints and tips I have previously shared, such as processing my positive thoughts, I was able to get started on something which I knew I wanted to complete.

Mindfulness In Production.

So now it was time to employ the purpose of mindfulness to keep me focused.

  • Back to basics in terms of making lists to create the achievement buzz when something gets ticked off.
  • Noticing when my mind wandered and taking a breath/ changing position to bring me back to the now and re-focus myself on the task in hand.
  • Allowing myself time to fully appreciate what I was creating but setting some good goals and deadlines in order to keep me on track.

.. and here I am writing this new blog , enjoying every minute and remembering that people have a choice to read or not to read - that doesn’t detract from how I choose to feel:)

So if you are trying to get back in the zone but leaves are on your rail tracks making your journey slow, try looking at mindfulness from a different angle before you keep trying to plough through. ... and remember yourselves that if you are creating something good, that fits in with your dream, don’t get de-railed by the negative thoughts in your own mind - just enjoy the moment!

As a side note my productivity took off and I felt brave enough to set up my own Bemoore Discussion Page on Facebook. You can find it linked to the normal Bemoore Face Book page. Drop me a note if you would like to get involved and share your own thoughts and opinions on many differing topics.

So Dream More, See More and Bemoore !!