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There is No-one on Earth that is You’er Than You! - Know Your Brand and Own It!

A conversation I have with many of the women that I support and work with surrounds the whole piece of ’ being yourself’ yet being successful. Often there is a view that you need to conform and almost hide your own personality if you want to get ahead.

One of my clients confided that she had almost lost her identity and didn’t recognise the person she had become as she strived to hold it all together - needless to say life didn’t get any better this way - in fact it caused a huge amount of stress and anxiety, which in turn led her to feel she was failing more and thus tried to ‘fix things ’ fix ’ herself’ and feel even less like her true self - a vicious circle to get into.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and the fact is that trying to be someone we are not is just adding to that pressure.

Doubting Yourself

It can be difficult to take a stand and become congruent with your own identity - whether it’s feeling the need to be tougher or one of the boys in the workplace , perhaps fitting in with those yummy mummy’s who seem to have it all under control or just the pressure of trying to look as though you are gliding along whilst juggling all of life’s challenges. Ever heard yourself say ’ If only I could be more ... ’ .Well sometimes we change our approach and it is good - it helps us grow and take a different outlook. But when we do this and it goes against our own selves then this generally doesn’t work for us.

The way to make your break it to actually be yourself - to go with who you are, know your strengths and make it work for you. This is not about being selfish and doing what you want when you want it. It’s about embracing your way of being and not being afraid to let it shine.

Define Your Brand and Discover Yourself

1. For me one of the first things to do is to really understand who you are - what makes you you ? Thinking of yourself as a unique commodity with your own traits and your own personality. These are what your friends gravitate to and they make you who you are.

2. List out these qualities and then list out the skills you really enjoy using. How do you currently incorporate these into your life? When we are embracing our strengths and working in a way that suits us it creates the feeling around us of being genuine. So even when things are not going as planned people will appreciate your efforts when they see the genuiness you are working to.

3. Review Your Behaviours. How do you approach situation and how do you handle them ? What is your preferred method?. Think about a situation in which you feel you truly went with you true self - think about how that felt and I bet it felt pretty good, so hold onto that thought for the future.

By collecting all this information and spending some time to really look at who you are you are building your Brand. Look at how much you can bring to the table smile .When doubt creeps in review this list and re-group your mind set.

So the question is having got all this together what are doubting about yourself?

Be really honest and see what’s causing you discomfort. When people avoid letting their true self’s show and feel the need to hide behind a different persona or behaviour there is usually some form of social anxiety in play - and don’t panic - it’s really common. The feeling that we should be behaving in a different way and trying to be more like how we see others. You can overcome this by focusing on all the positives you know you can add to the mix.

You Have Your Brand - Now you need to Own It!

So you need to take some action as always - and as always I say Start Small and Dream Big!

Next time a situation comes up and you feel yourself overthinking it or brooding on it - stop that train of thought - and focus on what you believe should happen based on you - you ‘youness’ - your views - add a little sparkle of your brand into it and if needed go with your gut - see what happens. If you are not being true to yourself, then situations will not be going that well more often than not, so what is the harm in trying something different.

Don’t worry about what you bring to the table - just bring it on!

Additionally if a situation is causing you to be so untrue to yourself then you should consider whether you need this in your life!

As Dr Seuss taught us - There is No one on Earth who is You’er than Than You!.

We all have something amazing to contribute and when we do it in our own way - amazing things can happen.

Own Your Brand - Dream More .. See More and Be .. Whatever you Wish to Be !