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Welcome to the Inner Circle

This is it – you have arrived within our amazing Inner Circle Membership and your journey starts here!

I know you are going to find so much to help and support you – engaging material, vibrant conversation and brand new connections.

Before you dive in though – take a few minutes to watch this welcome video. It will help you navigate the resources and make the most of your membership.

I am so pleased you are here with us so – Enjoy Your Adventure let’s get Connected.

Getting Started

Just like the video said there is a host of information all relating to our journey of personal development. Every month I upload a new bundle and it’s there whenever you wish to access it. Each month starts with a journal page of some key points about our new topic and space for you to capture your thoughts from our coaching session. Then I add in a video all about the topic – finally throughout the month I upload all the lives and material which is shared in the VIP Inner Circle Facebook group. 

To get started I suggest you view and digest the following information:

VIP Inner Circle FB Group

This is where we connect and chat throughout the month. Every Monday I go live with Monday Musings or Meet The Member. You can share your thoughts, upload recommended reading or video links, let us know what is happening in your world, ask for support or simply share a good vibe quote.