The Reconnection Programme

Reconnect Your World

Learn to Live Free...
To Live Fulfilled...
To be Authentic to Yourself...
To be Compassionate to Yourself...
To Build Healthy Relationships...

This is my flagship programme – and it truly is an experience which focuses on Mind, Body and Soul. ​

If you can have a healthy relationship with You – you can create fabulous relationships and have Them, Us and We …

I truly believe that we can do all of the above – and we can heal.. I have been there.. in those dark places, lost, unsure , anxious… and I have seen first hand how mindful and conscious living in a guided safe space can bring about true change.

When clients come into my practice room, they are often focused on what needs to be different, and the elusive “if only…”. But they often haven’t taken an honest look at what’s happening right now, how they got to where they are, and what’s preventing them from getting what they say they want.

Aligned with my best selling book #ReconnectYourLife – available on Amazon – I use all my therapy and coaching experience and add in the powerful teachings of Mindfulness to create a deeply personal Reconnection experience.

Learning to hold space to healing and change… opening you up to possibilities.

#TheReconnectionProgramme is a full life audit which looks at:-

Reconnection and Relationship with Self – how you see yourself, what roles you play, what thoughts and beliefs you hold and where these come from, what blocks you have and how your past has impacted you.

Reconnection and Relationships with your world – exploring your relationships and interactions, which ones work, and which ones feel sticky or uncomfortable, your expectations of others and where you allow yourself to be you and where you allow others to shape you.

Reconnection with your future – Only now do we start to look at what next. Having removed those negative thoughts, those unhelpful believes having discovered what’s truly important to us and our relationships – then we can start to shape our future.

All with my 3 principles:

  • Stop, Breathe, Be Present, Be mindful
  • Acceptance
  • Intention through Purpose

Now includes your full Jungian Profile!


What Your Get in your 121 programme

What we cover

£2995 (instalment plans available)- so message me or call to have your Exploration Session totally free of charge.