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Working Together

You, your values and your relationships are forged by your past. There may be things you want to change about that; but the past is done, and we can’t change it. My programmes are about acceptance – examining your past and the person you are honestly, and accepting that while some things can’t change, many other changes are within our power.

You can work with me on a 121 basis - fully supported, fully connected.

Safe, Confidential and Compassionate

My Philosophy of Building Healthy Relationships

I have a range of programmes, and they have all been built on my three Relationship pillars. Exploring these forms the foundation of our work together.

Your Relationship with Yourself

To find what you’re searching for, we have got to start at the centre – with you.

How do you view yourself?

Do you make yourself happy, or does that little voice inside you try to drag you down?

The only thing that is going to bring life into focus for you is an honest appraisal of the relationship you have with yourself. Past traumas, relationship breakdowns, big life changes – this is where the healing and the reconnection begins.

Reconnect with yourself, and what you value most – and we can work outwards from there.

Your Relationships with Others

How do you view others?

How do others view you?

What are your boundaries like with others – how do you let them treat you?

Is your behaviour with others in line with your values?

How do you react to difficult relationships, and is that OK? Most importantly, how does your relationship with yourself impact on your dealings with others? We’ll set new standards for you, and for those around you, that are true to who you want to be.

With specific sessions designed for couples to work together.

Your Relationship with the Future

What does that elusive future look like?

Are you happy, excited or frightened about your future?

Using everything we’ve agreed on in the first two steps, we will begin to forge a plan for your future that feels right for you; that reflects your values; and that includes the strong and healthy relationships that matter to you.