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Working Together

There is nothing better than working with my clients and seeing how they grow, often tackling difficult and challenging topics – stepping into the relationship arena in all aspects of their lives. 

Whether it’s individuals, couples, families or businesses – for self- healing and or development, couples support, family growth and connection or regrouping with your business relationship I offer a program and a way of working which will enable you to step forward with purpose and intention. 

Safe, confidential, in person or via video call – and knowing there is no one size fits all. 

When you work with me you get tailored support, a space to be heard and a suite of tools which you can use in your everyday world. 

Understanding how you can have a healthy and harmonious relationship with yourself and with others around you. 

Click on the links to see which program might suit you best and call me to arrange a free initial exploration session. 


(Personal 121 support)
• Finding peace from stress, anxiety and or trauma
• Discovering and embracing your true self – breaking those limiting behaviours and habits.
• Exploring why you find yourself in certain relationships and feel the way you do,
• Creating healthy boundaries to form harmonious relationships with others
• Stepping back into the world of dating
• Specialist support for young women aged 11-18 – Roaring 4 Life
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• Building communication platforms with your partner
• Navigating challenges in your relationships together
• Re-discovering intimacy in your relationship
• Supporting decisions about how to move forward or move on.
• Specialist support in baby and infant loss and support for subsequent pregnancies
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• Exploring the relationship with your business and making it work for you.
• Creating goals and motivators that will hold you accountable to yourself
• Providing insight into teams and team-working
• Talks and workshops on leadership and the psychology of business, teams and wellbeing.
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• Creating ceremonies that honour and celebrate your life and relationships
• Handfastings and Weddings
• Funerals and Celebrations of Life
• Namings and Family Celebrations
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