Couples support

Reconnect to each other

Communicate, Explore and Heal Your Relationship

Relationships take work. Life can bring about challenges and change which can leave you feeling disconnected from your partner. Feeling as though you are walking different paths.
I work with you both to facilitate communication that allows each of you to be heard. To discover both shared and individual values, needs and wants within the relationship. To learn how to work through conflict without blame and to be able to voice your thoughts without lingering over past hurts. So whether you simply want to refresh your relationship and take it to the next level or you need to heal from more complex issues – I offer a safe space in which to do so. Using techniques such as mindful and conscious living approaches, with some good solid straight-talking, I bring my experience as a Therapist, a trained mediator and a Celebrant into the room – alongside my own life experience of marriage, separation, divorce, new relationships and blended family environments.

PS… I only work with couples who are committed to working through the process – this is not about forcing an outcome and assuming all will be well – but it’s about putting the techniques into practise with a commitment to honesty and openness.

Each person will have a session individually followed by a minimum of 2 sessions together.

£85 per session with a minimum of 4 sessions commitment (1 session individually for each and 2 together as a minimum)