Reconnect to your Business

Build a relationship with your business

Everything you need to ensure your business is totally aligned with your vision and set up to be successful and fulfilling

You set up your business, you had a dream and a vision… but recently you appear to have misplaced your mojo, you feel a bit lost at sea and if you were honest you have potentially fallen out of love with your business.

And I get that! – I have been there… realised that I was putting in more than I was getting out and feeling unsure of what I was actually offering any more. Worrying about what to charge and how to build interest…

There are two options available:

1. Work with me on a monthly basis – 90 minute sessions in which we look at your business relationship, explore your potential challenges and make sure you have the tools and mindset in order to move forward with intention and purpose. 

Your first session will also include your Jungian profile of archetypes so we can review how this is serving you well and what to be aware of. 

£200 for session one and £150 ongoing. 

2. Really invest in yourself and join my Reconnection for Business Program… 

This is where my Business Reconnection programme steps in and why I decided to create it… allowing us to dive deep into your business, understand how you can be aligned in both values and intentions and go forward with a clear purpose.

This is not your standard business coaching – we don’t delve into your finances and make 5 years plans.. but.. we do explore the emotional components of your business and the psychology behind it. When you feel like you are working congruently with your clients and your business it suddenly all falls into place.

With this intensive 3 month approach, based on my successful personal Reconnection Programme, you will get the following insights all with full 121 support from me – including daily WhatsApp prompts if needed.

1. Uncover your values and how these impact your feelings and business decisions.

2. Get clear on your Why and motivation.

3. Understand how your filters and paradigms can affect how you see others.

4. Learn how to present your business in a style that firstly shows who you are and secondly can adapt to different audience needs.

5. Create goals which are based on your intention of what you want your business to be and aligned with who you are.

6. Develop great communication to ensure that you are not relying on expectations of others.

7. Be clear on raising your bar in business and knowing your worth.

8. Understand the psychology of business and importantly understand yourself – stop procrastinating and self sabotaging and start creating results.

8 x 121 sessions of 90 minutes each.

A suite of online material to support your learning.

Daily prompts as needed from me.

The option to join the Reconnection Membership Club ‘The Inner Circle‘ with the first year included in your business coaching fee.

Fall back in love with your business and create a vision that you can make a reality.

£1750 (instalment plans available)- message me or call to have your Exploration Session totally free of charge.