An Open Relationship ?

So much is being talked about in the open relationship space  … the term consensual non monogamy or the new monogamy – throuples, pods, polyamorous – it’s all happening – but what does it mean nd how do you get t started exploring this. So, let’s start with the clear difference about what happens when […]

Let’s Be Sex Positive !

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend the other day. She mentioned how for many of her friends’ intimacy between them and their partner didn’t really happen. And when it did it felt like a chore – they would do it once a month to get it over with, they never wanted to […]

Make It A Priority!

This weekend was my birthday weekend, and I am very blessed to have a husband who aways puts a lot of thought into what to do and what to get. In return I do the same – although honestly, I feel I am much easier to buy for than him – but that’s another blog […]

Filters and Red Flags

Red Flags – these are behaviours / actions / traits in people that are really to help us filter in and out people – and to think about whether to proceed with caution! They can be very personal to you and not so serious or they can be real warning signs. These more serious red […]

Marriage is a Practise

Such an interesting phrase I came across lately. It was referenced by the fabulous Dr Tammy Nelson and of course it is not just marriage but referring to long term relationships (LTR’s) in general. When it says practise it doesn’t mean you are on a trial run – although there is a view form those […]

Let’s Talk About It!

It been a real theme since the start of the year – couples/ relationships who feel uncomfortable talking to their partner about their intimate needs. And they are not alone! 42% of individuals who were asked if they could have these kind of conversations stated they didn’t feel about to really talk about it.  … […]

Keep The Summer Vibe Alive!

Be Your Own Life Coach!– Kieran Fitzpatrick –ADHP FIAEBP So the summer is coming to an end and the evenings are drawing in. And with the darker days and evenings people often and naturally feel less energetic and optimistic and sometimes begin to find it difficult to keep up activities that they were involved in […]

Normal Versus Want Versus Reality

The Relationship Conflict Within You. If you thought searching for that relationship one was already difficult enough, here I go about to give you some info which will dive into that even further – so apologies in advance for that 😊! I hate to break it to you, but your mind is already in conflict […]

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