Discover Your Jungian Archetype

What do you show the world and who are you truly within?

Unlock the secrets to a healthy relationship through the work of the forefather of psychology

We are all familiar with Psychometric Tests such as Myers Briggs, but before this all started Carl Jung introduced the concept of different characters within us – Archetypes which helped us understand who we are in the world.

Using this within therapy can help clients to gain an insight into themselves and now we can use it on a separate basis, outside of the therapy room, to help us in our everyday lives. 

Through your Archetype you can look to gain healthier relationships with yourself and with those around you. 

Building better communication and finding ways to bridge differences.

From 1st May I will be offering two reports:

Mini Report £25.00
Request a questionnaire – fill in the details and answer the questions and receive back your personalised Archetype insight

Full Archetype Discovery Report including 121 Discovery Session £50.00
Receive an in-depth report and work with me on a 121 basis to really understand what this means for you and how you can make the best use of it going forward.

Next Steps

Simply click on the link and request the report that you wish to receive.

**You will get an invoice accordingly and once this is completed the questionnaire will be sent out to your inbox.

Return the questionnaire and your adventure begins! 

Discover how your Jungian Archetype can help you create happier effective relationship, understand yourself in greater depth, and build healthier boundaries.

I understand that my questionnaire will be sent once my invoice has been settled. For full reports a Calendly invite link will be sent within 1 week to book my discovery session. Appointments commencing 1st May.