A Life That’s Lived Should Be Celebrated

Over the last 18 months an unprecedented number of people have lost loved ones to the virus and to the many other causes associated by the impact on the health services and mental health.

This grief was then further impacted by the limitations placed on saying goodbye to those loved ones. Many people could not attend funeral services and if you could they were short – 30 minutes normally .. and how do you say all that you want and honour that life – a live that has been lived in just 30 minutes?

My own experience of officiating funerals has also been that they are very much in the same format- whilst I do love many of the traditions which go along with them I also feel there are so many different ways in which to say goodbye and honour and remember a life.

I am on a bit of s mission really to help people discover new , unique and person ways that they can do this and a Celebration of Life is just one aspect of it.

A Celebration of Life happens after the normal funeral services in most cases. Perhaps some time has gone by in order to process that initial wave of grief and given people time to really think about the person that has died and , without the rush of having to meet deadlines given by crematoriums you can step back and really consider who they were and what represents them.

It can also give people who live further afield time to make travel plans and be fully involved in the service or ceremony ( you can call it whatever you wish).

This occasion can be held in any venue really – so you could have it in their favourite pub, or a setting they loved including outside areas – there is no license needed as long as there is permission to be there.

Perhaps you want it to be more of a party vibe and have music and dancing, or perhaps you want it in a quiet arena – waterside or woodland.

You can have readings, speeches, music – anything that people want to include that says – We loved You and We Remember You! .. and anyone can get up and be involved. – plus there is no time limit to this occasion – you can relax and enjoy being in that person’s presence one more time.

I have always loved ones where the families and friends have created photo boards and then taken time to come and share that memory with the others present.

My role as a Celebrant is to help you shape that occasion – to help you find the words you want and to guide you through the logistics or what is possible.. then on the day to be there and help you bring those words to life.. creating a truly personal occasion that you can remember for many years to come.

All this month on my insta page I will be sharing tips and ideas on this celebration ceremony. You can follow me on insta at www.instagram.com/life_reconnections.

You can also see more information on my webpage –www.bemoore.uk/funerals-celebration-of-life

And of course you can get in touch and talk things through directly..

So how would you like your life celebrated ? And do you have someone that you would love to remember ?

Life is all about celebrations – and here we help you keep life reconnected !

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