Infant Loss Support

Care and support following the loss of your child and through subsequent pregnancies

Tailored Support after the loss of your baby during both pregnancy and first year of life and support for subsequent pregnancies.

‘There is no loss comparable to the loss of a child – a grief like no other’

The Infant Loss Foundation
In the UK 4 babies in every 1000 are still born and in 2018 it was reported that 250,000 pregnancies ended in miscarriage. …and yet the loss of a baby or infant is still very much a taboo subject. Whilst some couples and individuals receive wonderful care and support many are left wondering where to go and how to get through. Additionally, when parents decide to try again there is so much emotion carried through with this decision and the subsequent pregnancy . 15 years go my first son was still born following diagnosis of Edwards Syndrome – it changed the course of my life forever… 7 years on I went on to have my next son and whilst it was a ‘normal’ pregnancy, and he was born a healthy 6lb 10 the pregnancy itself was extremely stressful. Both experiences saw me receive some wonderful care but also some lack of support and some thoughtless actions (often well meant but misjudged). Recently I felt it was time to try and bridge the gap of support in some way – so I added to my therapist training by working with The Infant Loss Foundation who train professionals across a range of roles including midwives, Dr’s and counsellors about some of the specific support that can help parents at these times. In these sessions you can find : Infant Loss: (miscarriage onwards)
  1. A safe space to simply be and be heard.
  2. A place to explore your grief and emotions.
  3. Looking at ways of remembering your child.
  4. A place to talk about the impact on your relationships with self , your partner and others.
Subsequent Pregnancies:
  1. Deciding to try again – discussing your emotions and concerns.
  2. Support through the pregnancy to handle anxieties and stress which may occur
Every experience is different – mine will not be the same as yours and it has taken me 15 years to feel ready to bring this into my therapy practise – but having somewhere to go and talk can be one of the most vital support tools available. Message me for an initial discussion You can also read my blog as I explore my experience of being a bereaved parent and going onto have another child.