Family Story Telling

Creating beautiful stories for the generations to come

My favourite part of creating a ceremony is hearing the stories of people and their lives… the proposal, how you met, the meaning of a name and why it was chosen. More often than not many stories are discovered when someone dies and I can see how much comfort it brings to those left behind as they discover hidden wonders about the person they have lost.

As a writer there is nothing I feel more honoured to do than sit with someone and capture their life in words. So here at Life Reconnections we wanted to enable you to do just this – and provide a legacy for the generations to come. Taking your family stories and putting them in a beautiful setting – sometimes it will be based on what you already know but we can also help research and find missing information – perhaps uncovering adventures from long ago.. expanding the branches of your family tree.

Family Story Telling

Story Ideas

This is a bespoke service and based on what you need. Pricing is based on requirements and research required but start from £250 to write a known family story and design the final document.