Family Occasions


The choosing of a name is one of the most significant events in a child’s life. The Naming of a child is a chance to introduce that child formally to their family and their supporting community.

At Be Celebrational we want to honour this and ensure there is chance for everyone important to take part and to be recognised.

Our Family Occasion Creation includes (£350)

Family Occasions

Other Occasions Worthy of Celebration

Adoption Ceremony

A chosen child is a most special child and deserving of a formal welcoming into their new family.

Blended Family

When families come together it marks a change for everyone.

A Blended Family Ceremony (often included into a Naming or a Couples Ceremony) shows the commitment that is being made to be there for each other in future times..

House Blessing

Moving house is one thing.. creating a home is something else. Mark the arrival in your new home with a clearing and blessing ceremony. Creating positive vibes for your future.