Just as in the ancient times of William Wallace and the stories of Robin Hood, Handfasting remains a beautiful and magical ceremony – steeped in history. The perfect way to show your enduring love and commitment to one another.​

Handfasting has given way to many of our more modern wedding traditions – most importantly the term ‘tying the knot’. This relates directly to the cord or ribbons used to bind the lovers’ hands together marking their handfasting moment.

You can incorporate all or parts of the handfasting ceremony into your own special day. A handfasting tells the journey of your love and relationship around the circle of life.

I am a practising Pagan with a keen interest in all takes on faith and religion and have trained in the art of Handfasting with the highest possible teachers – The Priestesses of Avalon from The Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.

Whether you wish to embrace the full Pagan tradition and call in the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to bless your wedding or simply wish to enjoy a more modern take on telling your story I can weave a ceremony that is truly unique. – perhaps even a broomstick jumping for you and your guests!

Handfasting with Ali Moore