Chapters of Our Lives

A client recently said to me that they felt their life was a series of chapters… each one had different characters and they had hoped that rather than these individual sections their life would have been like a long novel flowing through…

It seems to me that all lives are filled with chapters … some are one-page moments … some are deep and complex … I have read a novel recently in which every other chapter was simply one or two words … and life can be like this and so can of course our relationships.

The concept of chapters and novels feels quite an apt analogy as I re-start my business bringing together my love of all thing’s relationship under one home. To help people nurture and understand relationships and to help them tell the stories of their world and those people in them.

You see every relationship in our world is based on the one we have with ourselves. Each chapter we write in our book is all based on the experiences of the story that has already been told. How we shape the next adventure is all about what has already been – and this is also linked to how our generations passed have chosen to carry things down through the ages.

By feeling able to read our stories and not feel afraid to understand our stories we can help ourselves to build a future which is based on healthy boundaries and choices. We can create healthy relationships with others. Sometimes as a child when a book was scary, I would read through one eye – keeping the closed – convinced this made is less terrifying. Sometimes now I get the urge to see life this way // but of course life is life whether through one eye or with both eyes wide open… and when we have our eyes wide open, we can see everything from every agnel – and make better judgements,

The aim of my world here is all about creating ways in which individuals , partners and families can communicate , build and celebrate their relationships.

Not every chapter will be long , not every character will stay with us throughout our whole novel. Not every chapter will be happy … but every chapter will have meaning… and each one has shaped us and should be remembered for what it was …and as the song says… the rest is still unwritten …

So, whether you need to heal, to understand, to discover, to communicate, to mourn or to celebrate – there is place for you here – to Reconnect .

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