How You Feel About You – Can Impact How You Feel About Your Relationship.

I have spoken a number of times about how the self-relationship is key when understanding your relationship with others. Not just from a how you were brought up and how your idea of relationships was shaped but how you feel about yourself. That feeling can change on a regular basis and sometimes there can be a real shift in how you feel both in your self and about yourself … and this impacts your relationships outside especially with your partner/partners.

When you feel good in your own skin you better about being you. It shows in how you show up, the clothes you wear, the confidence you portray even the activities you take on. It shows up both physically and emotionally. You tend to feel lifted, more energetic which in turn creates a healthy cycle of movement, interest and interaction with others.

The brain puts energy to the neurons we use the most and what we focus on the most so when you focus on feeling good – you notice better things and so on. It’s how manifestation works – you think about something, you notice the things around that something, you see opportunities for that something and of course you need to take action – but you bring that something to the forefront of your brain.

It works in reverse – when you feel low – your energy feels low, you don’t see the things which lift you – you focus more on the difficult stuff and so on.

I see many couples and individuals who come into the clinic room and actually whilst it’s the partnership / relationship which they are speaking about – the challenges are being brought in from their own self relationship.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you may not want to share yourself with another person. You can feel less confident about letting them see you, you want to hide away, you feel you could be judged. and so, you start to put up boundaries. If your partner doesn’t know why they can feel rejected and isolated from you – presuming there are real issues in the relationship.

We all go through periods on our lives when we feel differently about ourselves – both physically and psychologically and so it is natural that this will creates shifts in our partnership.

The key is of course as always to keep the conversation and communication open.

You should feel able to share how you feel about yourself and know this will be received with kindness and compassion – and sometimes a bit of tough love to get you back on track if needed!

So how are you feeling about yourself?

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