An Open Relationship ?

So much is being talked about in the open relationship space  … the term consensual non monogamy or the new monogamy – throuples, pods, polyamorous – it’s all happening – but what does it mean nd how do you get t started exploring this.

So, let’s start with the clear difference about what happens when other people are in the relationship – an open relationship is not the same as an affair.

The very fact it’s open means the people involved are open to new experiences and new people – but its all out in the open – not literally – but it’s talked about – it’s no hidden and there is no deceit. That’s vital!

So consensual non monogamy means you are OK and consent to your partner having intimacy with someone else.

It’s not for everyone but many people are now embracing it.

Firstly, we need to have a big conversation – people in open relationships actually have better communication than those who don’t because they know its so important.

  • What is it that attracts you to it?
  • What does it mean actually?
  • Is it for both of you or not?
  • Would you want to be involved together or individually?
  • Is this many people or bringing a permanent fixture into the current relationship?

Secondly you need to get your relationship framework and agreement firmly in place

  • What are the agreed limits?
  • Who can they be with?
  • Where?
  • Is it physical or emotional?
  • Do you want to know everything or just that it happened?
  • What happens if feelings occur?
  • If you are all involved what happens if a breakup in one partnership happens?

These questions are just tip of the iceberg and I highly recommended books by Dr Tammy Nelson for more information.

People in these relationships say it creates a greater feeling of overall trust, it removes temptation and breeds commitment because there is need for so much openness nd honesty.

But the same rule apples – if you break the agreement then it’s still cheating and that’s not OK.

So where do you sit with open relationships?

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In my next blog we explore what the term micro cheating means!

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