Living and Loving Your Relationships

So, it appears it has been a while since my last blog – I believe I mentioned back in August that we had just then lost my mum … and since then life has been very much off kilter. I have planned restarts and then lost momentum or motivation. It is only in the last few weeks I truly feel I am picking up things again.

One thing that really did come to my mind during this time though was how important relationships are – and how important it is that we choose them wisely and nurture then and spend time with them .

And this gave me the idea for the Living and Loving Your Relationships … being in those relationships and understanding it and feeling worthy of it and valued in return.

I have come to realise that I see so many people simply coasting in relationships , or holding onto ones which do not serve them well or visa versa…

Living and Loving is a state of mind. It means you are open to communication ; you are prepared to have those difficult discussions and you look to put in place healthy boundaries.

A phrase I use a lot and one which I will write about more in context in my next blog is the concept of having 2 feet in the relationship – really feeling as though you are working on it  – not simply expecting it be wonderful and to give you what you need .

Relationships are literally all around us in all shapes and forms.

We often think of those intimate relationships or love relationships – but we have friendships and family ships … we have relationships with our self and with others – we also have relationships with our business, our work.

These relationships shift and change , what lifted us once may seem to have lost its purpose and we feel demotivated – no longer loving it … relationships also change in terms of our interaction with others – the person we thought we would be with forever leaves us but there is still a relationship especially if there are ties such as children . Or they die – the relationship does not simply end … I often find myself chatting to my mum and my nan … they are still very much in my thoughts and part of my world.

So, all of this has given me a new sense of relationship with my work – focusing clearly on these ever changing entwines that people create.

Enabling people to have healthy and harmonious relationships – truly Living and Loving them in every aspect.

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