A Foundation to Support The Future Generation

All this month I have focused my social media on the Foundation we run as part of Bemoore. It’s been quite a journey and a real learning curve getting to the point we are now – ready to welcome our first funded 121 placements and taking on two coaches to help us widen the reach! […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Defined By External Persona .. part 1

This blog is slightly different to the one I had expected to write following on from last week. I was planning on writing about how we are often defined by that title or label or that place we come from – that external persona we use to interact with the world … and I guess […]

Our Persona – The Relationship With The External World

Carl Jung put forward his theory that we all have both a true self – the person we are and are born to be … and we all have an external self – a persona – the one that faces the world. I think we can all relate to this – we can all think […]

Chapters of Our Lives

A client recently said to me that they felt their life was a series of chapters… each one had different characters and they had hoped…

Time to rethink ‘self belief’

I think we have all heard the phrase I want to build or grow my self-belief. The phrase that describes how individuals want to increase…

Be in the relationship – part 2

Story Teller

Last time I wrote about how we often step out of a relationship with someone before it’s ended and this can be confusing for us to then make

Be in the relationship (pt1)

When we are unsure about a relationship we can tend to have a habit of distancing ourselves. It’s quite normal to want to protect ourselves

Lockdown Reflections of a Therapist

Like many people when lockdown first started there was a feeling of disbelieve , or worry , concern and uncertainty – I remember thinking…